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10 Health Benefits of Hot Tubs and How to Chose the Best One.

By David Campolongo July 29, 2019 0 comments

The shower can be much more practical than a hot bath when we have little time or simply want to save water. However, the truth is that taking a good hot bath is something healthy that has many health properties.

You can take the bath with hot, warm, or cold water depending on your taste. But today, we are going to talk about the benefits that a hot tub brings to your physical health.

What is Hot Tub or Jacuzzi?

A jacuzzi or hot tub releases pressurized air in hot water. Resulting in a pleasant massage with multiple benefits demonstrated by scientists and experts. Hydrotherapy has been known and used since ancient times.

The hot water at 39ºC, plus the pressure injected air that releases the bubbles loosen the muscles, reduce tensions, has benefit for the digestive and circulatory system, as well as provide a better rest quality. It works by freeing ourselves from stress and pain in the joints and the body in general.

However, despite these benefits, for several years it was only possible to access hydrotherapy in specialized professional centers.

Luckily, for some time now, people have started to buy hot tubs for their home. This practice that at first seemed eccentric and very expensive, has been increasing over time, reducing costs and therefore putting hot tubs within the reach of almost everyone. The diversity of models, colors and materials have made them a decorative object that brings elegance in one of the most relegated rooms in the house.

Interestingly, Jacuzzi was actually the name of the company that developed these bathtubs that operated in 1956. Today, its brand has become popular worldwide as a synonym for hydromassage.

While hydrotherapy has undoubted positive effects, we must also remember that not everyone can use it. Children are at risk of drowning or being absorbed by the pumps if it is not protected by grids. Also, it is not recommended for pregnant women especially if they are in the first trimester. It is because they can cause malformations in the future baby, especially at the neurological level.

Taking care and following all recommendations, there is no reason to deprive yourself of the satisfaction of having a hot tub at home.

Benefits of Hot Tub According to Science

Imagine that you just arrived at your house after a day of hard work, going to the office, taking the children to the dentist, attending a long meeting, and going to the gym. Well, it was exhausting and stressful, but finally, you're done!

You only think about dinner and sleep, right?

Then hold on..

Here are 7 reasons for you to include a hot water bath in your routine, every time you get home after a busy day. Or simply, as a therapy to improve your physical health. You will never regret doing it!

1) Relax your body muscles

Hot water relaxes your muscles, as it causes blood vessels to dilate and there is more oxygenation.

It also helps you relieve muscle pain and fatigue from exercise you do during the day, whether walking, climbing stairs, carrying objects or playing any sport.

Your muscles are also contracted by stress and hot water serves as an excellent natural relaxer that also helps you deflate.

2) Reduce your brain fatigue

During the day, you not only do physical exercise, but all the time you are thinking, interpreting what you see and feel, analyzing, and making decisions. It results in the fatigue of your mind.

There are many ways that you forget all the problems, whether exercising, playing a video game, watching social networks or watching television. However, there is nothing that relaxes your brain more than a hot water bath.

3) Relieves headache

The headache is caused by the narrowing of blood vessels. This is why medications to treat this pain are aimed at relieving pressure.

This is precisely what a hot water bath can do for you. It relaxes the blood pressure by allowing oxygen to reach the cells of your body, including your brain.

In addition, the bubbles of hot water on your body are a relaxing massage!

4) Stimulates blood circulation

When hot water dilates the blood capillaries of your body, it is causing the blood to carry out the correct oxygenation of the cells.

This is the main function of your circulatory system.

This can be improved even if you use a sponge to travel your body, as this increases the stimulation of circulation and the lymphatic system, which is responsible for keeping your body tissues healthy.

5) Decongest your nostrils

There is no more natural way to decongest your nose than steam from hot water, as it helps the nostrils and sinuses to be clean. Then, it makes the mucus more fluid and facilitating its removal. Especially in the time of changes in the weather, when you are more prone to get a flu or cough.

A hot water bath will help you to decongest the respiratory system and feel better. If you have sinusitis or allergies, a hot water bath is an excellent therapy.

6) Calm anxiety

The relaxation generated by a hot water bath is a very effective treatment against stress and anxiety, as it calms your muscles and mind. It is a unique moment for you to practice meditation, since you are alone and without distractions.

7) Eliminate toxins

With a better flow of blood through your circulatory system, the pores of the skin open allowing your body to eliminate toxins.

With the stimulation of your blood circulatory and lymphatic systems, your body expelling waste on your skin that it no longer needs.

Therefore, if you want to be healthier and more relaxed, take a hot water bath 10 to 15 minutes every day before bedtime. You can also use it to meditate, to reflect on some matter like planning the activities for the next day.

8) A hot tub can help you burn calories

You can reduce calories with a hot bath. Believe it or not, taking a hot bath will help you burn calories.

According to the latest research, taking a hot water bath will burn the calories just like you walk for 30 minutes.

9) Good for the health of your heart

Taking a bath is good to keep your heart healthy. A hot bath with fresh water for about twenty minutes will improve your blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, and strengthen your heart function.

That is to say, a bath of these characteristics would have a similar benefit to following a healthy diet in which, a large amount of fruits and vegetables would be included as well as performing exercise on a regular basis.

10) Reduce blood sugar level

Something as simple as taking a hot bath will be able to reduce the level of blood sugar. In fact, the researchers have compared the action of cycling with a hot bath. The results, bathing on a hot tub will decrease the same amount blood sugar level like when you are cycling.

How to Choose the Best Hot Tub in the Market

A good hot tub equipped with adjustable nozzles or jets from which water and/ or pressurized air is projected to provide a massage. Depending on the type of the hot tub, there are usually jets at the bottom, on the sides, or to tone the areas of the feet or the back. This type of bathtub allows you to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy (reduce stress, activate circulation...) without leaving your home.

Choosing the Ideal Size

The first thing we have to consider is the size of our bathroom to choose the shape and size. Hot tub reduce stress and fatigue and decrease muscle overloads.

Hot tub has beneficial effects on health and well-being, thanks to the combination of hot water and the massage of the jets. Depending on the hydromassage system it includes, we can distinguish the following therapeutic benefits:

Air System

  • Reduces fatigue and muscle overloads.
  • Stops sagging and the appearance of cellulite.
  • Activates circulation.

Water + Air System

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Reduces muscle overload in legs, cervical and soles of the feet.
  • Hot water massage improves body well-being.

Types of hydromassage systems

The first step in choosing a hot tub is to know and choose one of the possible systems. We found three different systems. The choice of one or the other determines the type of massage and the therapeutic benefits it has

  • Water / air system: a mixture of air and water is projected from the nozzles on the walls of the bathtub. It provides a vigorous massage.
  • Air system: air is projected from the bottom nozzles, which provides a softer massage. Bubbles coming out of the jets are dispersed evenly throughout the bathtub.
  • Water / air + air system: combines the benefits of the two previous systems. What to consider before buying the bathtub?

Before deciding on a hot tub, we must consider the size of our bathroom to choose the shape and size. The available space will determine the type of bathtub that can be rectangular, quarter circle or asymmetric. The latter adapts to irregular spaces.

There are also bathtubs to be used by two people at the same time. The hot tubs have a different power engine so you can choose according to your needs.

Ease of Hot Tub Installation

The installation of the hot tub should be simple since all the mechanisms are pre-assembled and only the connections have to be made, but certain safety precautions must be taken into account.

  • The connections for hot and cold water must be prepared to be able to make the connection to the toilet without difficulties.
  • The drain must also be provided, depending on the situation in the bathtub that you want to buy and the distance to the general drain on the floor.
  • Hot tub need a proper electrical connection, grounded and with adequate capacity to power the power of the bathtub.
  • The electrical connection of the bathtub must have its own differential or magnetothermal with the milliamps (mA) recommended by the manufacturer.
  • There should be no plugs or switches nearby in the environment of the bathtub, so you have to keep the minimum safety measures.

Accessories and comfort features

Finally, hot tub can include different features. Keep them in mind when choosing the best one.

  • Adjustable kits: you can regulate the intensity of the massage in each area.
  • Massage programs: you can choose a la carte massages, just select the pressure points, the duration and the sequence to your liking.
  • Digital ignition: quick and easy control.
  • Level sensor: device that prevents the massage program from starting until the water has reached the necessary level.
  • Drying of water pipes: this pipe blowing system guarantees the evacuation of water from the pipes and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Ozone disinfection: eliminates germs and bacteria. Disinfection is done automatically using the disinfectant recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Anti-traction of hair: prevents hair from entering the circuit.
  • Air heater: keeps the water temperature constant during the bath.
  • Bluetooth: so, you can connect your mobile phone, mp3, iPad... and enjoy your music or your favorite series.
  • Chromotherapy: you can emit colored light beams to enjoy this therapy based on the revitalizing properties of light.
  • Aromatherapy: allows you to add essential oils to water, of vegetable origin, to improve the feeling of well-being.
  • Radio
  • Headrest: device of different sizes, material, shape or color to enjoy the bathroom with greater comfort.

Ease of Maintenance

For good maintenance we recommend that you choose automatic features such as ozone disinfection or drying pipes that guarantee the perfect cleaning of the bathtub. 

Where to Buy the Best Hot Tub in the Market?

We at (your company name)sells the best hot tub in the market. In fact, our product has passed all necessary quality standards. This will ensure you to get the best experience when bathing in a hot water. Click here to see the models and pricing!

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