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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Sauna

By David Campolongo July 29, 2019 0 comments

Saunas have been used medicinally for millennia. From the Roman baths to the Russian banyas, through the Japanese mushi-buro or the Aztec temazcal. Today, our people have installed sauna in their household.

This article will further discuss about everything you need to know before buying sauna. Precisely, we will discuss about its health benefits and how to find the best sauna in the market.

The Health Benefits of Sauna

Saunas have more than 2,000 years of history. It helps eliminate toxins, relieve pain and clear the airways. Saunas are often found in homes in northern Europe, even in neighboring communities. In USA, more and more families are looking to buy a sauna for their home.

Our ancestors intuited its benefits. Today, science has confirmed them.

#1 Eliminates Pathogens

In a world without antibiotics or knowledge of sterilization, saunas offered a natural refuge against bacteria. In Russia and Finland, many women gave birth in the saunas. Not only does it eliminate pathogens from the environment. It helps us fight those bacteria that have already invaded us.

In fact, raising the temperature is a natural defense of the body. In fact, a fever is not a side effect of the disease, it is just our antibody reaction to fight against infection or sickness.

#2 Improve Athletic Performance

Raising body temperature temporarily is not only good for general health, but also for your athletic performance. One way to achieve this is by training with high temperatures, the other is with the sauna.

The sauna produces multiple physiological adaptations that benefit aerobic performance:

  • It improves thermoregulation. By dissipating heat better, we postpone the fatigue it produces.
  • It increases blood flow, the number of red blood cells and plasma volume. More plasma volume also facilitates heat dissipation and reduces heart rate during training.
  • Increase mitochondrial biogenesis. With more mitochondria, you can produce more energy.
  • It favors the conservation of muscle glycogen, prioritizing the use of fat as energy and delaying fatigue.

#3 It Helps to Gain Muscle

Our body is constantly synthesizing and degrading protein. Muscle gain will be the difference between synthesis and degradation. The main factors that influence this equation are strength training and feeding (especially protein intake), but heat can help.

The sauna does not increase protein synthesis, but limits its degradation, resulting in greater total hypertrophy. Researchers mention several mechanisms, but there are two main ones:

According to some studies, sauna shoot the growth hormone. It increases from 140% to 1600%, depending on the duration, temperature, accumulation of sessions. In addition, there is a synergistic effect with training. It means Training + sauna = better results.

It also releases heat shock proteins, which reduce the loss of muscle mass by attenuating oxidative stress and reducing protein degradation.

Moreover, if an injury prevents you from training, the sauna helps reduce muscle loss.

#4 Increase Longevity

All the benefits mentioned should have an impact on the main indicator: longevity Does sweating help you live longer? Well, it looks like it is.

Multiple studies in thousands of subjects associate the sauna conclude that sauna helps people longevity. The higher the frequency of use, the longer the longevity.

There is also a significant reduction in mortality from coronary heart disease. This is easily explained by knowing that the sauna reduces blood pressure and improves heart function

#5 Does It Eliminate Toxins and Lose Weight?

It represents the main attraction for many, but it is probably the least relevant.

Certain toxins are eliminated through sweat, and the sauna can normalize mercury levels (revision), but the key detoxification organs are the liver and kidneys, not the skin. You eliminate many more toxins in the bathroom than in the sauna, but it all adds up.

Nor, will it help you directly to lose weight (you lose water, not fat), but the sauna raises the metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity.

#5 Other Benefits

The adaptation processes from the heat in sauna can benefit us, as long as we do not exceed the tolerated maximum level of temperature allowed. In fact, excesses temperature can be fatal.

However, the risks of saunas are minimal. They are also considered safe for pregnant women or people with heart problems.

How to Choose the Best Sauna that Suits You

We have many doubts at the beginning of our choice, which is why in this article we will inform you about everything you should know before buying a sauna. We have more than 30 years of experience in the sector (you can adjust this number).After so many years of work, we have learned many things that we like to share with our clients so that they do not only have a sauna, but a quality sauna. Therefore, below you will find advice to find the best sauna in the market.

Where to Install the Sauna

To know which sauna to buy, the first thing is to know where we will place it. A sauna can be installed anywhere, both inside and outside the home. All you need is a grounded plug.

If you decide to install it outdoors, you must bear in mind that you may need some more maintenance due to the effects of inclement weather.


Wood Quality

For the interior wood of the sauna must be wood resistant to high temperatures, which does not deform, does not burn, nor does it sweat. Due to these requirements, not all woods are suitable.

The Heaters

Each heater is specific for each sauna. First of all, we have wood heaters, whose operation requires volcanic stones, as well as wood to produce heat. On the other hand, we have electric heaters, which like wood-burning heaters require volcanic stones, with the difference that their power source is electricity.=>>(adjust this as well to what your company really offers bro)

In both cases, there are models with different powers that fit the size of each sauna. We must know how many cubic meters our sauna is and locate a heater that is within those cubic meters. We should not forget this data, as it may not produce enough heat or even produce too much, with their respective bad consequences.

In the construction of the saunas, we put special detail on this last point, just as we only use top quality heaters and top brands. As for the design of the heaters, which give the sauna an aesthetic, we select modern or traditional designs depending on the client's taste.

Is It for Outdoor or Interior?

If you have already selected the location of your sauna, you should know that its construction varies depending on whether it is indoors or outdoors.

As for the outdoor sauna, make sure it is insulated so that the heat from the sauna cabin does not escape. As well as the materials that cover the sauna externally, it supports the external weather, be it wood, bricks. They must have a special cover, and very different from that of the indoor saunas since the outdoor weather is tougher.

The outdoor saunas must have a roof. It must be made of materials that withstand the rain and outside humidity.

Types of Illumination

There are several types of lighting. It can be Under-bench lighting, LED starry sky lighting, wall light points, and even Chromotherapy (Color Therapy). For this matter, the best choice is totally yours.

Accessories Included

In all the saunas that we sell, we include all the necessary accessories for the operation of the saunas. The heater, volcanic stones, bucket of water and saucepan, lighting, thermometer-hygrometer, hourglass. (confirm this info as well)

Types of saunas

Subsequently, we must know what types of sauna exist and what particularities they have. There are several types of sauna:

  • The Finnish sauna.Its heat is dry and has a relative humidity of less than 20%. The resistors heat some stones that give off the heat. This sauna reaches temperatures of 80-90 ° C.
  • The wet sauna.It is a steam bath. It has a relative humidity of 90%. The water that passes through a boiler comes out in the form of steam.
  • The infrared sauna.It is dry heat. This system achieves the same sensation as in the Finnish sauna at a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. One of its main advantages of this type of saunas is that it consumes less electricity than a traditional sauna.

Sauna Design

We only have to choose the way we want our sauna to have. To choose it, we have to look at aspects such as the available space and the number of people who are going to use the sauna simultaneously.

They are custom-made and design saunas, which can be customized with accessories to be able to assemble totally unique pieces. For example, if we install ceilings with “stars” design, TV screens, decorated walls and of course, chromotherapy.

Quality Assurance

It is important that the manufacturer of customized saunas has strict quality protocols and an installation service. In addition, a good advisory service throughout the process. For example, one of our basic attributes is our reputed after-sales service.

We must also take into account that the company includes environmental criteria in its manufacture. In our saunas manufacturing process, we always opt for the most environmentally friendly solution.

In short, it is important that we buy a sauna from a company with guarantee. Tis way, the entire process will work correctly, delivery date, installation and after-sales service. Thankfully, we always guarantee our customer the proper functioning of the sauna.

Sauna Build Quality

All saunas we have are carefully designed and manufactured professionally. Our saunas offer the three most important aspects: pleasure, affordable price, and durability  

Steps to follow to use a sauna correctly

Today we will focus on the correct use of the sauna . Saunas are an excellent form of relaxation. They offer many health benefits, in addition to relieving pain, improving physical exercise, relieving cold symptoms or reducing stress levels. However, it is important to use them sparingly.

How to Use Sauna Correctly

To properly use a sauna, we must follow the following steps:

  • Shower yourself previously to eliminate possible germs from our skin, and thus facilitate perspiration.
  • Go to the sauna for 2 to 4 hours after a meal.
  • Put on the swimsuit, and enter the spa with bathrobe, slippers and towel. Upon entering the sauna, we will leave out the bathrobe and slippers.
  • Once in the sauna cabin, for hygiene reasons, we will place the towel on the bench where we are going to sit.
  • We will remain in the sauna for a maximum of 15 minutes, so we will have to have a clock on hand or in sight. During the first minutes we must avoid a heat stroke. To do this we will breathe through our mouths and stay relaxed.
  • Before leaving the sauna, if you have previously lay down, you will slowly sit up and keep at least two minutes sitting.
  • When you leave, you should shower with cold water, starting with the feet, and gradually climbing up to the head. This way, we cool our body and we will increase blood circulation on the surface of our skin.
  • After the shower, you should rest for about ten minutes.

What Now?

A sauna session will bring us, thanks to the heat, relaxation and the elimination of tensions, both physical and mental. By releasing endorphins, it will act as a stress reliever, and it will help us fight insomnia and tiredness due to stress.

It will also be a great ally for our skin, as it will help purify it, eliminate toxins, and increase its defenses.

At the cardiorespiratory level it will clean our airways by improving our lung functions, improve blood flow and help our heart pump harder.

But in addition, it will be of great help for the elimination of cellulite and adiposities, as well as to improve bone, muscle, neuralgia or joint stiffness.

Interested on having a sauna installed in your home? Contact us today to get your best-in-class sauna before it runs out!

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